The Best Princess Leia Cosplay Images In The Galaxy

If imitation is one of the most sincere forms of flattery, then this collection of Princess Leia cosplay images represents respect and admiration for one of the most popular and empowering female characters of all time.  These Princess Leia cosplay pics show that dedication to being a geek and a fan of Star Wars can look so amazing.

Some of these images look so authentic, you could really see them as being straight out of Star Wars IV: A New Hope! And all of them show creativity, courage and a powerful beauty as these cosplayers present their own take on the always beautiful Princess Leia Organa.

Ivy Cosplay as Princess Leia is Gorgeous

Ivy stuns in her sexy Princess Leia cosplay

Ivy Cosplay showing her Princess Leia cosplay

Ivette is a Florida based cosplayer that has been cosplaying since 2010. And though you might be able to catch her at a convention such as Megacon you don’t have to wait to see her. You can check out her store to buy prints of her in many of her fan favorite looks, including this gorgeous Princess Leia packing double blasters! And you can keep up to date with her latest work at her Facebook page and on Twitter.

Zombie Bit Me in an awesome Princess Leia cosplay

Beautiful Princess Leia Cosplay by Zombie Bit Me ZombieBitMe

Princess Leia Cosplay by Zombie Bit Me. Photo by First Glance Photography.

Shantel (aka Zombie Bit Me) is an amazing cosplay artist and does such a great job representing the characters she portrays. From Deadpool to Spider-Man, and of course this fantastic Princess Leia, her costumes are always creative and gorgeous.  This photo is by First Glance Photography, and the setting and backlight really add to the beauty of this incredible Princess Leia costume. Follow her work at and order a print from her online store. And you can also find her on Facebook and Twitter.

JediManda in a Stellar Princess Leia Cosplay

JediManda Princess Leia Cosplay. Photo by Photographs Humans

JediManda is simply amazing. Not only because of her award winning costumes that she designs and wears. But also because she’s an incredible artist able to create portraits of characters including Beetlejuice, Jyn Erso, and Ahsoka.  Take a closer look at her artwork at her Art of JediManda online store, and follow her cosplay adventures on Facebook and  Photo taken by Jami Guess of Photographs Humans. You can find more of Jami’s work at

November Cosplay Shows Off Princess Leia’s Badass Arm Ink

November Cosplay showing off her Princess Leia cosplay with a Rebel Alliance arm tattoo

November Cosplay showing off her Rebel Alliance arm tattoo

November Cosplay shows off a very stylish arm tattoo in this beautiful Princess Leia costume. November Cosplay is probably best known as a Disney cosplayer, at least that’s one of her claims to fame! And with some of the originality in her designs, such as Tinkerbell as a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, it’s easy to see why her work is so easy to love! You can see more of her work on her social media channels: Instagram , Facebook and DeviantArt.

HeidiMatrix as the Beautiful Princess Leia

Heidi Mae Herrington (HeidiMatrix) showing off a beautiful and sexy Princess Leia cosplay

Heidi Mae Herrington (HeidiMatrix) as Princess Leia

Wow, what a beauty! Heidi Mae is a cosplayer, YouTuber and all around geeky, nerdy, gamer-girl.  And she also sounds great singing! In fact, this Princess Leia cosplay was featured in her YouTube video where she parodies the Selena Gomez hit “Good For You”. Catch her on YouTube , Facebook, and Instagram.

Seamripper Cosplay Highlights in Her Princess Leia Costume

Princess Leia by Seamripper Cosplay

Princess Leia by Seamripper Cosplay. Photo by Tascha Dearing Art

Gorgeous lighting and a beautiful photo of Princess Leia by Seamripper Cosplay. While the Leia costume is very realistic, it’s accentuated even further by fantastic lighting and photography by Tascha Dearing Art. You can find more of Seamripper cosplay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, more Tascha Dearing photography can be seen on her Facebook page.

Beautiful Sheikahchica Cosplay as Princess Leia on Endor

Lindsay aka Sheikahchica Cosplay as Princess Leia

Lindsay aka Sheikahchica Cosplay as Princess Leia. Photo by CosFame Cosplay Photography.

This photo of Lindsay’s (aka Sheikahchica Cosplay) Princess Leia is a great example of using a background that adds another layer of authenticity to a great cosplay look. Because this set and background really show off the costume and makes it seem like an Ewok could come out from behind a tree at any time! Catch more awesome cosplay from Lindsay on Facebook and DeviantArt. Photo credit: CosFame Cosplay Photography