Star Wars Clothing 10 Baby Onesies For Infants and Toddlers

I am a JEDI, like my father before me

I am a JEDI like my father before me

Starting this list of great looking Star Wars Onesies that any fan would be happy to get as a baby shower gift and proudly display on their little ones is this.

“I am a JEDI, like my father before me.”

This quote is from Return of the Jedi, and is spoken by Luke Skywalker during his final confrontation with Emperor Palpatine. It is perfect your baby Jedi,  and gives Dad a sense of pride, too. The logo displayed on the shirt is is the insignia for The Jedi Order, which served to train young Padawan’s (apprentices) in the ways of The Force.

Perfect for Jedis as young as newborns and up to 18 months old.

More colors available

BB-8 Character Onesie

Star Wars Onesie - BB-8 Droid with matching hat
This Star Wars Onesie is fashioned after BB-8 and includes a matching little hat!

The Force Awakens lovable droid BB-8 quickly became a fan favorite and has now been found in all sorts of character merchandise.

But with this BB-8 character onesie, you’ll have your own little Star Wars droids crawling around the house showing you just how mobile they can be, and doing it in style with their matching hats!

Available in sizes up to 12 months, but be warned – this one runs kind of small – so you should consider getting one size up and growing into it, and you may find that you’re out of the 12 month size by the first birthday.

Baby Fett

Baby Fett Star Wars Onesie
Baby Fett Star Wars Onesie

The Baby Fett onesie is a nice entry in because it features Boba Fett, which for many fans is the more popular character from Star Wars.

The thing about Boba Fett is that it seems that the more serious the fan, the more they tend to LOVE Boba Fett.

Maybe it’s the gravely voice, or the rocket backpack, or the fact that he’s cunning enough to track down Han Solo even while he was in the company of both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Luke Skywalker. Whatever the reason, Boba Fett rules in the Star Wars galaxy, so if you’re looking for a baby shower present for a Star Wars fan then anything with Boba Fett is a sure hit.

Maximum size for the Baby Fetts is 18 months.

More colors available

Boba Fett Character Onesie

Boba Fett Character Onesie
Boba Fett Character Onesie

One more Boba Fett entry in this list of Star Wars onesies- because he’s THAT popular.

What’s great about this onesie is that it looks like the Mandalorian armor that Boba Fett wears, complete with the different colored shoulders and the scuff marks on the chest armor.

I’m not going to overload on Boba Fett but both of these are such great Star Wars onesies that you can’t go wrong with either one (or both).

Just note that this onesie doesn’t come in as large of sizes – this one is available in sizes up to 6 months.

Come To The Dark Side... We Have Cookies

Pink Star Wars Onesie - Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies
Pink Star Wars Onesie - Come to the Dark Side, We Have Cookies

This phrase is not from the films, but it’s a funny and popular one that’s now part of the Star Wars lexicon. I think it came from one of the themes of the original trilogy – that of turning to the Dark Side of The Force. This time, though, we’ll sweeten the deal with some cookies!

Note: I’ve tried to stay away from shirts with iron-ons, because I hate it when they peel off, and you wouldn’t want any of the peeling off parts to end up in the little one’s mouth! This one IS an iron on, and some have complained that it peels too easily. So while the design is really cute, it might not have much versatility. It could be a “buy it for the May 4th party only” type of purchase.

Largest size on this Star Wars onesie is 12 months.

More colors available


Pretty Fly for a Jedi

I'm pretty fly for a JEDI Star Wars Infant Onesie
And all the girlies say...

This cute Star Wars Jedi onesie will be sure to get some attention and compliments, with it’s stylish light sabers separating the text “Pretty Fly for a Jedi” (A play on the Offspring song “Pretty Fly for a White Guy”)

Fits pretty fly Jedi’s up to 6 months old.

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Daddy's Wingman

Daddy's Wingman Star Wars Onesie for Infants and Toddlers
Don't go it alone - take a wingman with you!

Every guy needs a good wingman – someone to look out for him and make sure that there’s no sign of trouble.

There are a bunch of onesies with “Daddy’s Wingman” on them, but usually they have bombers or planes on them. Of course, for a Star Wars fan we have to do it right – we know our wingman pilots X-Wing and E-Wing fighters!

These Star Wars onesies are perfect for wingmen up to 18 months old.

More colors available

I'm the Princess

Cartoon Princess Leia on a Star Wars Onesie - I'm the Princess
"I'm the Princess" Star Wars Onesie features a cute cartoon version of Princess Leia.

Of course she’s your princess – but let’s make sure everyone knows WHICH princess she is!

With the classic Star Wars styled lettering and the adorable Princess Leia cartoon character, nobody will be confused and everyone will know that she’s the kind of princess that leads a rebellion, takes down the Empire, and becomes a general!

Available in sizes up to 24 months.

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Judge Me By My Size Do You?

Judge me by my size do you Yoda Star Wars Onesie
Star Wars Onesie for Infants and Toddlers featuring Jedi Master Yoda

When Luke Skywalker lands on the planet Dagobah to learn from the ancient Jedi master Yoda, he quickly learns that “size matters not” and to not judge a book by its cover.

You never can tell how strong The Force is, and even packed into this tiny size, your young Jedi can be quite powerful – just think of how well they can do the Jedi Mind Trick on grandma and grandpa!

This Star Wars onesie is available for little ones wearing up to size 24 months.

More styles available

I Literally Just SITHED My Pants

I literally just SITHED my pants Star Wars onesie
Oops... I did it again! Crude, yes, but it's so true!

As every parent knows, cleaning up SITH just goes with the territory!

This cute onesie says it just like it is, with the dirty truth and all.

Available in sizes up to 24 months.