Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit

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Contains everything you need to start building decks with the Amonkhet cards.

  • 4 booster packs from recent expansions (not all Amonkhet)
  • Land pack contains all basic lands from Amonkhet
  • Selection of cards from all colors, plus artifacts

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The Amonkhet Deck Builders Tookit is a great option for you to quickly get a great set of cards for playing the game.

What is in the Amonkhet Deck Builders Tookit

Lands, Booster Packs, and a pretty decent collection of useful, playable cards of all colors.

The Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit includes 4 booster packs. But don’t assume that all are going to be Amonkhet booster packs. Other previous expansions can be included in the toolkit.

You also get a land pack that includes multiple copies of basic lands. Though this can be overkill if you already have more land than you know what to do with, there are some good things about the land pack. That good thing in this case is the art on those lands. I’m thrilled with the art in the Amonkhet expansion for Magic: The Gathering and even the land is amazing. I want to replace all of my basic lands in my decks with Amonkhet land. And now, I can… in about 2 decks, anyway.

You also get a poster that describes how to build a competitive deck, with a breakdown on whether you should stick to one color or include more, and some guidance on how much land and how many creatures to include.

Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit for Magic the GatheringAbout the “Semi-Random” nature of the Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit

The deck builders toolkits are not completely random. And though there is some random cards, there are also some staples that you’ll want to have in your collection. Cards that everyone should have (and usually do once they’ve been playing for a while) are included, such as Nightmare, Shivan Dragon, Serra Angel and Sengir Vampire. In fact, they make sure that you have good quality creatures and spells from every color, plus artifacts and lands.

Not all of these cards aren’t from the Amonkhet set. Actually, there are a lot of cards that are from other recent sets, including the 2017 Core Set. In all, you’ll end up with the basics – enough to easily put together and play with 2 or 3 different decks and have flexibility and fun. This is a better option for starting from nothing and building some playable decks than getting just the booster packs. Though you get more rares and chances at mythic rares for your money by choosing either the Amonkhet Bundle Box or Amonkhet Booster Box

If you’re looking for a land pack, some generally playable cards, a good mix of colors and a fast way to get some playable decks with Amonkhet and other recent expansions, then the Amonkhet Deck Builders Toolkit is a great option for you.

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