Arkham Horror The Card Game

Arkham Horror The Card Game Core Set
Arkham Horror The Card Game Core Set
Arkham Horror The Card Game

Arkham Horror: The Card Game, more than any card game before it, is a blend of the traditional customizable card game and roleplaying experiences. You become one of the game’s investigators and customize your deck of cards to reflect your personal strengths and resources. However, as the investigators of Arkham LCG all have their own distinct personalities, each comes with his or her own deckbuilding requirements.

Explore H.P. Lovecraft’s World in Arkham Horror The Card Game

You and your friends become characters within the quaint New England town of Arkham, where a rash of strange mysteries have begun to develop. You play as an investigator, and the investigator you choose determines in some ways what cards are in your deck. Choosing the detective, you’ll also have the .38 caliber handgun and a few other cards that are mandatory and make up the persona. After those few mandatory cards, you’ll round out your deck with cards that work together with your character’s skills.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a Living Card Game (LCG), so more cards will be released on a regular monthly release cycle. The expansion packs of a LCG are released in sets of 6 expansion packs that tell an overarching theme or story. Each of these sets, called a Mythos Cycle, will add characters, abilities and mysteries, while larger “Deluxe Expansions” bring

While the Core Set comes with enough cards to promote a wide variety of different decks, and its adventures will reward you with hours upon hours of fascinating and horrifying mysteries, it also sets you apart from the vast majority of humanity—all those people who blissfully and ignorantly go about their lives unaware of the other worlds that border upon ours, the Ancient Ones that inhabit those alien realms, and the foul rituals conducted on earth by those mortals who worship them.

“Omens of the Deep” Elder Sign Expansion Announced

Elder Sign Omens of the Deep Expansion
Elder Sign Omens of the Deep Expansion
Omens of the Deep Expansion Set for Elder Sign

A new expansion for Elder Sign, the cooperative-play dice game from Fantasy Flight Games, has just been announced. Omens of the Deep is based on the terrifying belief that strange and terrible things lurk just below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn.
(In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.)
-H.P. Lovecraft,   The Call of Cthulu

Leave the museum behind and board the Ultima Thule, a great ship that leads you on mysterious adventures and perilous quests. Face the horrific Elder Spawn, the merciless Legion of the Deep and more as you progress through investigations into the sunken city and currently entombed R’lyeh.

R’lyeh Rising

Omens of the Deep expansion introduces a new game mode, R’lyeh Rising.

R’lyeh Rising is played in two stages. In the first stage, you embark on the Ultima Thule and follow a strange glowing amulet towards a remote destination. Once you arrive, you enter the second stage, in which the Amulet or R’lyeh is fully assembled and you must seal up the Old Ones once again in the sunken city of R’lyeh in which they currently sleep, but are awakening.

Though The Ultima Thule’s charted course is perilous and these foes are many, all hope is not lost for the sanity and safety of the those who seek the Elder Signs. Completing the challenges on the new mission tokens provides an additional way to spend trophies for extra rewards. The Omens of the Deep expansion also comes with new items, investigators, allies, and spells to be leveraged against the coming of the Ancient One. The depths of the Pacific are filled with fresh terrors that only the bravest can attempt to seal with the power of the Elder Signs in the Omens of the Deep expansion for Elder Sign!

Omens of the Deep is not a standalone game, it’s an expansion, so you’ll need Elder Sign already in order to play. It joins the previous expansions for Elder Sign: Unseen Forces, Gates of Arkham, and Omens of Ice.

Release is expected early in 2017.


Gameplay Demo for Star Wars Destiny

Here’s a look at the gameplay in Star Wars Destiny, the collectible card and dice game from Fantasy Flight Games where you battle with teams of your favorite characters.

Setting up a game of Star Wars Destiny

Both players start with their team in front of them, a character on each side and their dice next to them.  The deck stays off to the side, and then each player draws 5 cards.  You can redraw (mulligan) any cards that you don’t want right away.

After drawing, and redrawing, the game sets the stage by determining the location. Each players rolls all of their dice, with the player rolling the highest score getting to choose the battlefield. Once chosen, the battlefield is set for the whole game.

Playing through the first few turns

Getting a bit stuck on the first turn, the dark side doesn’t have many options.  Thankfully, there is a game mechanic that allows you to throw cards away at the end of your turn to redraw up to 5 cards in your hand.

The turns then turn to taking actions, one player at a time.  The actions that you can take are:

  • Play a card from your hand
  • Activate a character or support
  • Resolve your dice
  • Discard a card to reroll your dice
  • Use a card action
  • Claim the battlefield

Dice, Resources, and Playing Cards

The round of play sees each player receiving two resources.  Cards all cost a certain amount of resources to play, though some of them have a resource cost of zero. Resources do carry over from one turn to the next, so you can save them if you don’t have something to play this turn.

Some of the cards, allow you to bring more dice into the game, which gives you a big advantage.

You don’t have to wait for the next round to get more resources. Some cards can give you resources, and you can also get resources by rolling dice.

Once per round, the characters can be used to roll all of the dice from themselves and their upgrades.

The dice, after being rolled. don’t automatically get added to your resources. Instead, they stay out until they are “resolved”.  The act of resolving the dice take any one “type” of dice result (resource, damage, etc.), regardless of how many dice are out there. This can add an extra element of strategy, as you can reduce the number of actions needed to gather the resources if you let them pile up a bit, but leaving them unresolved also leaves them vulnerable to being affected by your opponent through disruption.

Resources are great, but it’s all about the damage

As the game progresses, you can see that the resources are great for building up your attacks, but they aren’t the main point of the game. You’ll need to focus your attention on doing damage.

Melee damage, character specials and bonuses are all results from the dice that can wear down your enemies.



Star Wars Destiny – Awakenings Booster Packs

Star Wars Destiny - Awakenings Booster Pack
Star Wars Destiny - Awakenings Booster Pack
Awakenings Booster Pack

Get the full-on binge going with a Star Wars Destiny Awakenings Booster Pack! Each booster contains 5 cards and 1 die.  If you’ve already gotten the Kylo Ren Starter Set and the Rey Starter Set for Star Wars Destiny, then you’ve gotten a great start but you’re going to want to add a lot more events, battlefields, equipment, vehicles, and of course – characters!

The Awakenings pack focuses on the characters, scenes and events in Star Wars: The Force Awakens – so you’ll no doubt be looking for all of the main characters from the film, such as BB-8, Rey, Finn, Kylo Ren and Poe Dameron.

The dice that come with the booster packs are high-quality, with art that is transferred onto the plastic die (so no stickers that start peeling off right away) and a scratch resistant coating.

At 5 cards per pack, it’s going to take you a lot of packs to collect the entire set, but from what we’ve seen of the cards in the Awakenings set, you won’t have to spend a lot to get something useful and fun to play.

Star Wars Destiny - Sith Holocron Card and Die
Sith Holocron
Star Wars Destiny - Millenium Falcon Card and Die
Millennium Falcon
Star Wars Destiny Event Card - Don't Get Cocky
Don’t Get Cocky (Event)
Star Wars Destiny Event - Endless Ranks
Endless Ranks (Event)
Star Wars Destiny - First Order Tie Fighter
First Order Tie Fighter
Star Wars Destiny - Imperial Armory
Imperial Armory


Star Wars Destiny – Kylo Ren Starter Set Available

Star Wars Destiny - Kylo Ren Starter Set
Star Wars Destiny - Kylo Ren Starter Set
Kylo Ren Starter Set

In the Kylo Ren Starter Set, you’ll find nine premium dice and twenty-four cards—everything you need for one player to start playing Star Wars: Destiny.

First, you’ll find Kylo Ren himself—a vicious warrior whose uncontrollable anger manifests through the ability to inflict random amounts of damage on enemy characters.

Kylo Ren is joined on the field of battle in this starter set by a First Order Stormtrooper.  This non-unique character boasts no special abilities, but it does provide you with a relatively consistent source of ranged damage. It also gives you a body that you can sacrifice to protect Kylo Ren!

Star Wars Destiny - Kylo Ren Card and Dice
Kylo Ren (Awakenings, 11)
Star Wars Destiny - First Order Stormtrooper
First Order Stormtrooper (Awakenings, 2)




Star Wars Destiny – Rey Starter Set Now Available

Star Wars Destiny - Rey Starter Set
Star Wars Destiny - Rey Starter Set
Rey Starter Set for Star Wars Destiny

From her humble beginnings to her cinematic battle with Kylo Ren on Starkiller Base, Rey’s journey takes her through danger and adventure. Soon, you’ll be able to mirror Rey’s path and fight alongside her in the duels of Star Wars™: Destiny!

The Rey Starter set has 24 cards and 9 premium dice, and features Rey and Finn character cards to get your team off to a great start!

Finn Character Card from Star Wars Destiny
Finn (Awakenings, 45)
Rey Character Card from Star Wars Destiny
Rey (Awakenings, 38)

Awakenings Two-Player Playmat

Star Wars Desntiny Awakenings Playmat

Star Wars Destiny Awakenings Playmat During Play


The cinematic duels of Star Wars: Destiny invite you to play out battles from across the entire Star Wars galaxy. In each game, a team of iconic heroes and villains battle for supremacy. Using both cards and dice, you’ll attempt to defeat your opponent’s team to achieve victory.

This Star Wars Destiny Playmat (“Awakenings”) gives you the perfect background for your games, with enough space for both you and your hapless opponent. The surface is

Star Wars Destiny

Star Wars Destiny Rey Art

Star Wars Destiny Rey ArtStar Wars Destiny is a collectible dice and card game that lets you control the most popular characters in the Star Wars universe. Step into your favorite galaxy and play as your favorite characters as you battle against teams of rivals in this awesome game!

Star Wars Destiny is made by Fantasy Flight Games, who’s library of Star Wars games include some hugely popular entries already, including Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars Armada, and Star Wars Imperial Assault. And if you’re thinking that with all of those games there isn’t room for (or a need for) another game – guess again!

Star Wars Destiny is different from the other games for a couple of big reasons.  First, the concept of the game is very different from the other games, with the ability to put together a team of characters from the Star Wars universe to see how they would work in a skirmish. Second, Destiny incorporates a mechanic of dice in combination with the cards for a great mix of customizing your deck and then augmenting it more with additional dice.

Card types are: characters, events, upgrades and vehicles, and battlefields. As you might expect, there are two clear sides in this battle – with the Sith and the Imperials on one side and the Jedi and Rebellion on the other. So while you won’t be putting together a team with both Kylo Ren and Rey, there is a little bit of crossover with some cards, as they can work for either side.

Getting started with Star Wars Destiny is easy – you choose your side and purchase your Starter Set – there is one for Kylo Ren and another for Rey.  After that, you can expand your options with Booster Packs.

The Booster Packs, as well as the individual cards from both Starter Sets are identified as all belonging to the “Awakenings” set and focus on the characters, events and settings of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. There is no announcements yet as to which set may be coming next.

10 Awesome Perplexus 3D Puzzle Maze Balls

If you love puzzles, mazes and labyrinths, or know somebody that does, you’ve got to know about Perplexus puzzles.  You may have seen these puzzle balls in stores, and if you didn’t know what they were you could have passed up a really cool toy!

Each Perplexus is a 3D maze ball, with a track inside a plastic globe. The track weaves in and out, twists and turns, and generally makes it hard to follow exactly where the path leads.

The object is to get a small steel marble from the beginning of the track, through the twisting obstacle course to the end. But that’s easier said then done. The track seems long, and it is. A Perplexus globe is about the size of a soccer ball but can hold more than 20′ of track inside! Falling off the track is a common occurrence, but thankfully it’s easy to get the fallen marble back to the beginning of the course and try it again.

Don’t worry about small parts. The marble can’t get lost, because the globe is sealed – so the ball stays on the inside with the track.

If you’re looking for a gift for a puzzle fan, or perhaps a desktop puzzle that’s more intriguing than a Rubik’s cube, then a Perplexus puzzle is an excellent choice.

The Best Perplexus Maze Games

Perplexus Original - The classic maze game
Perplexus Original

The first Perplexus was released in 2009, and the original 3D Labyrinth is still a great puzzle. It’s bright and colorful so it catches your attention right away. You might even mistake it for a hamster ball. But once you pick it up and give it a try, you’ll find it’s not so easy to put down!

The Original Perplexus has 100 turns, corners and obstacles on your way to the end of the maze. If you’re into a challenge, then this is the Perplexus to start off with. If you are buying this for somebody that’s young, or you want to start with the easiest Perplexus, then try the Perplexus Rookie (below)


The Perplexus Death Star - A Star Wars themed maze game
Star Wars Perplexus Death Star

What a perfect match! The insanity of a Perplexus in a Star Wars Death Star setting! Once you see it, you immediately think “Yeah! A Perplexus actually DOES look a lot like a Death Star!” Of course, any ball “kind of” looks like the Death Star, now that I think about it…

In this Perplexus maze game, the steel marble is the “X-Wing starfighter” working through the puzzle mechanics to reach the end and “destroy the Death Star”.

If you’re shopping for a puzzle of game for a Star Wars fan, then the Perplexus Death Star is the perfect choice!



Perplexus Epic - The most difficult maze game
Perplexus Epic

Perplexus Epic is the a real challenge, with new strategies required to approach the new obstacles.

Even if you’ve been able to tackle the Perplexus Original and can move through the maze easily, you’ll be challenged once again with Perplexus Epic.


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Options for Beginners and Advanced Players

Perplexus Rookie - a good maze game for beginners

Perplexus Rookie

A great place to start, the Perplexus Rookie 3D maze ball gives beginner’s a challenge without being so complicated that it can’t be completed. The age rating is still 8+, but many have found their 6 year old is able to play with it.

The difficulty rating of the Rookie is a “3”, compared to a rating of “6” for an Original and “8” for Epic.

Perplexus Rookie contains 70 obstacles to keep you entertained.


Perplexus Twist 3D Maze Game
Perplexus Twist

The “Twist” of a Perplexus Twist is that not only do you control the marble in the maze, but by twisting the knob on the top of the ball you also control the maze itself!

This adds some complexity to the puzzle, so this is not the one to get for a very young puzzler and maybe not even the best option for a “first Perplexus” no matter the age.

But it’s a great addition to a 3D maze ball puzzle collection after you’ve successfully completed the Original.


Perplexus Warp 3D Maze Game
Perplexus Warp

The Perplexus Warp puzzle game is similar to Perplexus Twist, except instead of a knob that adjusts the maze, there is a slider that adjusts the position of the marble while you’re playing the game.

The age range on the box says 6+ but again that will depend on your child.  Perplexus Warp is one of the latest releases, showing up at the end of 2015.

With the similarity to Twist, Perplexus Warp gets the same recommendation.  Tackle the Original first, then if you’re wanting something more then Warp is a great choice.


Miniature Options for Playing While Travelling

Perplexus Original Mini
Perplexus Original (Mini)

The miniature version of the Perplexus original.

It’s not easier because it’s smaller. Smaller tracks and a smaller marble mean even the slightest twitch and you’re starting over.



Perplexus Q-bot - Miniature maze game with a robot theme
Perplexus Micro Q-bot

Perfect for rides in the car or trips on an airplane, the Q-bot is a miniature maze game with a robot theme.

Like it’s larger cousins, you move the marble through the maze inside a sealed box. This time, though, it’s a box instead of a globe.

Even though it’s small in size, the difficulty is still there.  The track and the obstacles are smaller, so it’s harder to maneuver around.


More 3D Maze Game Options

There are a few other 3D Maze Puzzles that are worth including in this list, and though overall they are all good choices, some have design flaws that have dropped them to the bottom of the list.

Sharper Image Space Challenge

The Sharper Image Space Challenge has a nice look to it, and there is a space theme, complete with a spaceship on the inside.

This is a popular maze ball, probably mostly due to it’s striking appearance. The color scheme just made me want to own it as soon as I saw it.

This would be a good first maze ball, but some have reported issues with durability. Any of the mazes are prone to be dropped occassionally, so any of the 3D Maze Puzzles with small pieces that extend out can end up breaking off. A better choice would be a Perplexus Original or Rookie.

Discovery Kids Space Mission

The Discovery Kids Space Mission Maze Ball is similar in difficulty with the Perplexus Original.

It’s another “space themed” puzzle, but that setting is less defined than even the Sharper Image ball. The whole idea of a theme for the maze ball is gimmicky anyway. People love to play with 3D mazes but nobody is really going to get “more out of the experience” by pretending to maneuver a ship around a space station. (Except for the Death Star. Yes I WILL imagine I’m in an X-Wing when I’m playing with the Death Star Perplexus).

Watch for the durability on this one too.  You’ll do better with a Perplexus but if you’ve already solved the Original and you want something different without being more challenging, this could be for you.



Oopsy Mazey Challenger 3D Maze Ball

The Oopsy Mazey Challenger has more of an egg shape than the perfectly round shape of the other maze balls. I’m not sure the purpose of the egg-shape except to differentiate it from Perplexus products. But the really great design feature of the Oopsy Mazey Challenger is the lip around the maze.

It kind of looks like a ring around Saturn in the picture, but it’s attached to the maze and it’s just big enough for little fingers, helping to keep the maze from falling.

It’s moderately difficult, and to help keep your place there are waypoint along the path. So use the “A”,”B” or “C” waypoints to restart your progress from the next part of the course.


Game of Thrones Costume, Helmet and Collectible Options for Cosplay

Game of Thrones Hound Helm

Game of Thrones has a way of turning normal fans into crazed, maniacal fans. Game of Thrones costume wear makes great collectibles. Most of the official costume options available from HBO Store are designed for decoration, but who can resist putting on The Hound’s helmet and going out for some chicken!

Start at the top - Game of Thrones helmets, crowns and necklaces

Game of Thrones The Hound's Helm

The Hound’s Helm

No one will dare challenge you while you’re wearing a helm that looks exactly like the one the Hound wore. This wearable fiberglass helmet has operable jaws and a silkscreened wooden stand with the Clegane sigil. The 15-pound helmet is an officially licensed item, only available in a limited 2,500-piece edition, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Game of Thrones Unsullied Helm

Unsullied Helm

Recreated from the authentic prop armor featured on the show, own the stunning officially HBO licensed Game of Thrones collectible Unsullied Helmet. Made in limited quantity of 2500 pieces, the Unsullied Helmet includes a certificate of authenticity and display stand. Crafted of leather and steel with adjustable visor, this piece is made with special attention taken to reproduce authentic detail.

Game of Thrones Loras Tyrell Helm
Loras Tyrell Helm

Wearable fiberglass with operable visor (visor tension can be adjusted if necessary by using an allen wrench on the interior) Overall Weight: 11 pounds Stand: Silkscreened wood with Tyrell sigil.

This adult collectible is officially licensed from HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones and is an edition strictly limited to 1000 pieces.

Game of Thrones The Royal Crown of Houses Baratheon and Lannister

The Royal Crown of Houses Baratheon and Lannister

Each replica is forged in solid metal and then finished in a lustrous gold effect metal and has inset reproduction gemstones. To display the crown an iron sword motif display stand was specially designed.

Each crown includes an individually numbered plaque medallion cast in metal and is presented in a full color box with a certificate of authenticity. The worldwide production run is limited to 1,500 pieces. Limited units available.

Game of Thrones Flight Neck Sculpture Necklace

Game of Thrones Flight Neck Sculpture Necklace

A smaller version of the Flight Neck Sculpture seen on Khaleesi, Mother Of Dragons, in Season 6 episode 9. This romantic neck sculpture is formed of hand carved fragmented wings. Sterling Silver with spring hinge opening at the back.

The model pictured is a UK 8 10. This neck sculpture is designed to fit varying neck sizes however please note the internal diameter is 12cm Weighing 100grams this showpiece is for special occasions.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Drogon Choker

Game of Thrones Daenerys Drogon Choker

Khaleesi’s iconic dragon choker as seen in Game Of Thrones Season 5 episodes 10 and Season 6 episodes 1,2 & 3! This showpiece Choker is part of the first piece created by MEY. Khaleesi is captured by the Dothraki and has symbolically lost the wings on her Neck Sculpture. Intricately hand carved the dragons mouth opens and closes. Sterling Silver with spring hinge opening at the back One size fits all. This neck sculpture is designed to fit varying neck sizes however please note the internal diameter is 11cm. This collectors showpiece weighs 155grams.

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Game of Thrones Eddard Stark Costumes

Game Of Thrones Eddard Stark Gambeson

Eddard Stark Gambeson

A simple yet practical design worn by Eddard Stark, this officially licensed gambeson is truly worthy of the Hand of the King. Worn from the frigid north of Westeros to the sunny south, and everywhere in between, this gambeson is a good blend of comfort, protection, and style.

Game Of Thrones Eddard Stark Peascod

Eddard Stark Peascod

A solid peascod is essential to complete the look of the heroic knight outside of battle. This officially licensed Eddard Stark Peascod is worn by Eddard Stark, the Hand of the King, in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Made with functionality, comfort, and style in mind, if this peascod is good enough for the Hand, it is good enough for nearly any knight in Westeros.

Hand of the King pin not included.

Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin

Hand of the King Pin

The Hand of the King Pin symbolizes the most powerful appointed position in the Seven Kingdoms. The Hand is the King’s closest adviser, appointed and authorized to take decisions in the King’s name. This Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin is crafted from a heavy metal in an aged gold color for an authentic look. As the saying states, “What the King dreams, the Hand builds.”

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costumes

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Gambeson

Jon Snow Gambeson

The Men of the Nights Watch were first and foremost warriors, protecting the lands of Westeros from the dangers north of the Wall. In order to survive in combat, a strong gambeson was needed to help pad and protect the body from a variety of blows. This officially licensed Jon Snow gambeson is designed with the warrior in mind and made from a cotton blended fabric, which is dyed black to match the iconic look of the Nights Watch from the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. Care instructions: Dry cleaning only.

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Peascod

Jon Snow Peascod

This officially licensed peascod, worn by Jon Snow in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, is a compromise of protection and practical winter wear. Providing good protection in combat, the faux leather will also keep from giving the wearer frostbite in the bitter cold of north Westeros. Originally designed for the Men of the Nights Watch, this peascod is now available to any warrior who will stand against the night. Care instructions: Dry cleaning only. Royal Belt not included.

Game of Thrones Ghost Direwolf Plush

Ghost Direwolf Pup Plush

As a Direwolf cub, Ghost bonded to Jon Snow. Adopt the Ghost plush and recreate the bonding experience. He measures about nine inches in height the perfect size to snuggle or display among your Game of Thrones collection of plush toys. Ghost represents your loyalty to House Stark.