New Commanders: The Legendary Creatures From Hour of Devastation Expansion

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a new commander deck to play, and hoping that the Hour of Devastation Expansion for Magic the Gathering had some cool new options for your commander, you’re right! Take a look here at the Legendary Creatures from Hour of Devastation to see which of these would make a great commander for your new deck…

The Legendary Creatures From Hour of Devastation Expansion

First off, if you’re looking for a green Legendary Creature, you’ll have to look in a different expansion. Hour of Devastation has one Legendary Creature for each mono color except green, and there are three multi-color gods (blue/black, black/red, and blue/red).

The Scarab God

I was really happy that I pulled this from my prerelease cards for Hour of Devastation.  It is an amazing commander with abilities that do damage and allow scrying for each zombie on my board, plus another ability to create zombies out of any graveyard. These abilities, plus having two colors to allow for a more versatile deck, makes this card great in any format. But an especially sweet commander!

Razaketh, the Foulblooded

This mono-black commander is another super powerful card, and makes an amazing commander. Just starting with his individual power and toughness, plus flying and trample makes him a powerful commander. Factor in that he help you go search your library for the low cost of 1 creature and 2 life, plus that ability doesn’t tap him so you can use it more than once per turn, makes this commander very tough to contend with.

The Locust God

Locust god is great since you’re playing blue/red and it’s pretty easy to find ways to draw extra cards in those colors. Even your standard drawing of a single card per turn will help to give you that one extra blocker if you find yourself dealing with a creature with Menace or something that is consistently attacking each turn and needs a steady stream of blockers to deal with. Left alone, these individual locusts will turn into a swarm that will devour their opponents.

The Scorpion God

What I like about the Scorpion God is that you’ve always got the ability to tack on those -1/-1 counters right before the creature dies. You’ll need a decent supply of mana go keep these effects popping, but if you see that something is going to die, even if it’s one of your own creatures, and you’ve got the mana, then it makes sense to the mana, put the -1/-1 counter out there and draw a card.

Neheb, the Eternal

Neheb, the Eternal is the only Legendary creature with the new Afflict keyword. This new ability means that when blocked the original target of the attack (the opposing player or planeswalker) receives damage equal to that Afflict rating. It’s a nice combat ability. But what makes Neheb so powerful is that extra mana for damage done during the first main phase and the combat phase. Should make a fireball extra sweet knowing that the mana came from the damage that you’ve already inflicted against your opponent.

Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign

Unesh makes sphinx creatures cheaper to bring into play, and each sphinx comes with an extra treat. After they come in, you reveal 4 cards, then your opponent splits those cards into 2 piles and you get to choose one of the piles to add to your hand. The other cards go to the graveyard, so that kind of sucks but I’d still like to try this and see if I can figure out a way to deal with the graveyard while still getting the benefit of the extra cards.

Djeru, With Eyes Open

Bringing a commander that lets you go find a planeswalker feels almost unfair. Since it’s all white, at least you’re not pulling out Nicol Bolas, but Gideon is a pretty bad dude anyway. This card definitely has a future in many commander decks.