NBC Renews Grimm for Season 5

Grimm - Season 4Grimm fans have no worries about their future of their show. NBC just picked up the Friday night supernatural drama for a 5th season.

Grimm is the story of Nick Burkhardt, a Portland detective that is descended from The Brothers Grimm and whose ancestry has the ability to see creatures lurking within our world as their true selves.

Though most “Grimm’s” are taught to dispatch all of these creatures on sight, Nick has found friends and allies within the world of the Wesens (the creatures).

The fourth season of Grimm has had it’s ups and downs, with superb character development balancing out some of the worst and hokiest plotlines. Hopefully season 5 sees further development of what is working and we can finally start cleaning up the list of loose ends that the story seems to have forgotten about.