Magic The Gathering Amonkhet Masterpieces Are Freaking Amazing

The release of Amonkhet for Magic: The Gathering brings something that we haven’t seen for a while in Magic. The real world mystique of far off lands, and ancient mysteries that are fantastic and unbelievable but rooted in our own history and civilization.

Serpents, Sphinxes and larger than life Gods are on full display in this set. And the stunning artwork and mythos in this set is truly highlighted in the Magic: the Gathering Masterpiece Set. These 25 cards are amazingly beautiful, with stunning card art, and a hieroglyphic font. If you’re lucky enough to pull one from a booster pack or box – you have the tough choice of selling it or keeping it.

Don’t be a chump! You will get a lot of money going through your hands in the next 5 years. These cards will stop going through your hands in another 6-12 months. If you decide you’re a keeper for these cards (like me) then you’ll want to have a shot at getting them all – so go for it and make it happen!

Here’s… the cards!

Amonkhet Masterpieces Gallery

Aggravated Assault

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Aggravated Assault was originally released in the Onslaught expansion from way back in 2002. This is the first time this card has been reprinted. It’s legal to play in all formats, and its power is amazing. If you’ve got the mana, you can get an extra attack phase with all of your creatures untapped and ready for an extra attack!


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Buy Attrition at AmazonAttrition, from the 1999 expansion Urza’s Destiny also made an appearance in Magic the Gathering Commander. This is the first time this card has been reprinted. It’s legal to play in all formats, and its power is amazing. Take your smallest creature off the board in exchange for your opponent’s biggest non-black creature. It’s a good trade any day!

Austere Command

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Buy Austere Command at AmazonAustere Command was first released in Lorwyn in 2007. It was a popular card then, and it’s remained a favorite from that set. Like Attrition, it came back in Commander. The popularity of this card was due to its flexibility, being able to mass disenchant, break all artifacts, or clean out all creatures big and small.

Aven Mindcensor

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Buy Aven Mindcensor at AmazonAven Mindcensor was from the Future Sight expansion (part of the Time Spiral block) almost exactly ten years ago! This is a perfect card for a reprint in the Amonkhet Masterpieces set. Just look at the flavor text from the original: “The only question we need to ask is how best to fulfill the will of the God-Pharaoh.” Enough said.

Chain Lightning

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Buy Chain Lightning at AmazonOh, Chain Lightning! How nice to see you again! Originally printed in the Legends expansion in 1994, Chain Lightning has been reprinted in various expansions and rereleases. But it’s never looked as beautiful as it does in the Masterpiece Magic Set from Amonkhet.

Consecrated Sphinx

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Buy Consecrated Sphinx at AmazonConsecrated Sphinx joins the Magic Masterpieces Set from Amonkhet after only beign released a few years ago. It came from the Mirrodin Beseiged expansion in 2011. But an awesome Sphinx deserves the Masterpiece treatment!

Containment Priest

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Buy Containment Priest at AmazonThe Containment Priest, like Consecrated Sphinx, is a newer card that is included due to it being perfectly in the theme. Containment Priest was originally part of Commander 2014.


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Buy Counterbalance at AmazonAnother throwback to some classic expansions, Counterbalance originally came from Coldsnap, part of the Ice Age block. It’s an intriguing card because it has counterspell abilities but coming from an enchantment. Very cool!


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Buy Counterspell at AmazonCounterspell, that staple of Magic the Gathering. It’s been around since Alpha and I miss it everytime it goes out and I’m glad everytime it comes back. Definitely a classic card, but I wonder of all the classic cards, why did this one come into the Amonkhet Masterpiece Set?

Cryptic Command

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Buy Cryptic Command at AmazonI love this card. I’m such a blue fan, and I love the flexibility of this card. Even though it’s a little expensive to cast, it’s like having two cards in one!

Dark Ritual

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Buy Dark Ritual at AmazonThis is more of the classic card that I expect to be included in the Masterpiece Set in Amonkhet. It’s in theme, and such a powerful card.


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Buy Daze at AmazonDaze is a good utility card, and it saves you from the big cast that your opponent goes all out for. It’s even better that you can pay for it even if you’re tapped. Nice card. I’m glad it’s back and it’s never looked better than it does as a Masterpiece.

Diabolic Intent

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Buy Diabolic Intent at AmazonI’m not a huge fan of this card. It’s kind of expensive, considering that I have to sacrifice a creature and then I still have to be able to cast the creature I pull out of my library. Compared to some more powerful cards like Demonic Tutor, this just seems underpowered.


Buy Divert on Ebay
Buy Divert at AmazonI love divert. Please cast your biggest spell at me. Please. I want you to so bad! This is from the Odyssey set from 2001 and this is its first reprint. I’m really excited to play it.


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Buy Entomb at AmazonFor those practitioners of Black Magic, the idea of searching for a card in your library and sending it directly to your graveyard is logical, just a step in the process to pulling it back into the battlefield. To a blue/red fan, this card seems like a waste. But I do love the art in this Magic Masterpiece.

Force of Will

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Buy Force of Will at AmazonForce of Will is another counterspell card that gives you a low cost option to pay for it when you’re all tapped out. Strangely, though, it’s not such a good value when you want to actually pay for it with mana.

Loyal Retainers

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Buy Loyal Retainers at AmazonLoyal Retainers. Oh, yes, the perfect compliment to Entomb. If your legendary creature has already been killed, it’s back. If it’s still stuck in your library, move it to the graveyard – and bring it back!

Maelstrom Pulse

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Buy Maelstrom Pulse at AmazonThe only Amonkhet Masterpiece with a green mana requirement, wipe out all copies of a single card with this gem. I’m not a big fan of this card, but it does have a great picture.

Mind Twist

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Buy Mind Twist at AmazonOh the memories of Mind Twist and Hypnotic Specter. Hand deprivation at its finest! Mind Twist is back and looking better than ever!

Pact of Negation

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Buy Pact of Negation at AmazonIt’s a free counterspell, as long as you can pay for it with your mana next turn. If not, it’s game over for you! Good luck… At least it looks awesome in the Magic the Gathering Masterpiece Set from Amonkhet

Spell Pierce

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Buy Spell Pierce at AmazonIt’s not the best counterspell. It’s limited on what spells it counters. It lets the caster pay more to cast it successfully. But oh, man this is a gorgeous card.


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Buy Stifle at AmazonThis one was new to me, it didn’t sound familiar. That’s because I didn’t play that set! But man, this is a nice card – great art and I love the ability.


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Buy Vindicate at AmazonBlack and White team up to destroy any permanent. It’s cheap and effective, and in the Masterpiece set it looks amazing. If these are your colors, it’s a great value.


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Buy Worship at AmazonFirst seen in 7th edition, and last seen in Urza’s Saga in 1998, Worship is definitely worthy of the Masterpiece set. If you have a creature, you are much harder to kill. I love the Amonkhet version of Worship, the enormous statue looming large.

Wrath of God

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Buy Wrath of God at AmazonThis is the card. It’s the perfect card for this set (ok, along with the Sphinx). The art is awesome, the card is awesome and it’s title is perfect for the theme. I think 2 years from now, Wrath of God is the most collectible of the Masterpiece Set from Amonkhet.

Searching for the Amonkhet Masterpiece Set in Booster Packs and Boxes

Ready to go hunting for these Masterpiece set? Here’s where you want to get started. Keep in mind the price you pay per booster pack, and then just start going to town on them.

Amonkhet Bundle Box

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Start your hunt on a budget with 10 Booster Packs. It’s a much better per pack price than buying a single booster pack, but doesn’t have the same impact on your wallet as a whole booster box.

Amonkhet Planeswalker Decks

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Get a guaranteed Planeswalker card, a standard 60 card deck and 2 15-card booster packs. One very nice option is to use the Planeswalker card as trade or resell, so you can offset the cost of the deck and then you can take a chance on the booster packs that come with the decks.

Amonkhet Booster Box

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36 booster packs. This is the best option for Masterpiece hunting. You have the lowest cost per booster pack and you have a good shot at a Mythic Rare in this amount of booster packs.