Role Playing Games

Role Playing Games have each player directing the actions for a single character in a story.  There are many different genres of stories that can be told, and each setting has it’s own role playing game that goes along with it.

One of the first role playing games, and still the most popular, is Dungeons and Dragons (D&D). D&D was created in the 1970s and continues to grow and attract players.

Role Playing Games are a great “community” kind of game. Role playing games are designed to be played as a group and work best when the stories that are told in the game continue from one playing session to another. It can be like a soap opera, or a television series in that way. Role Playing Games are great for come together and telling a story as a group.

What kind of story, and the genre, all depends on the game.  There are “horror” stories where the characters are paranormal investigators, or even monsters themselves. Fantasy genres let the group play as warriors and wizards straight out of Lord of the Rings. And many established “universes”, such as Star Wars and Star Trek, let you tell your own stories and develop interesting characters that can explore those worlds.

Each game has their own specific rules, but there are some key characteristics:  The use paper and pencil to keep track of character traits, abilities and statistics. They use dice to provide an element of chance to the story, allowing for success and failure of plot points. They have a set of rules that define turns, actions, equipment and more.

There are countless games and variations on role playing games. But here are some of the games that are very well established, or have had long periods of success in a variety of genres.

Role Playing Games

Dungeons and Dragons – If you’re into swords and sorcery, similar to Lord of the Rings or King Arthur, then you should play Dungeons and Dragons. D&D is absolutely the best role playing game in this category, taking all factors into account. That doesn’t mean that everyone agrees it has the best rules, or is the best in every category. But the rules are solid, there is an absolute trove of source material set in the D&D universe, and there are more D&D players than any other role playing game. So you can have a lot of fun with your friends, and if you want to find a new group of gamers that play D&D, it’s pretty easy to find a D&D meetup.

World of Darkness – World of Darkness is a “horror” genre game that holds several different storytelling games under its umbrella. The most famous is Vampire: The Masquerade (now republished as Vampire: The Requiem).  But if Vampires is not exactly your favorite monster, you can also explore Mages, Ghosts, Werewolves and Shape-shifters.

Star Wars – If you want to try role playing in the Star Wars universe, there are several options for you. Fantasy Flight Games has 3 different games, all in the Star Wars universe! In Age of Rebellion, you play as a hero in the Rebel Alliance; Edge of the Empire features stories, planets and characters on the outskirts of the Star Wars galaxy; Force and Destiny is set in the galactic civil war, and you play as a force-sensitive character.