Gameplay Demo for Star Wars Destiny

Here’s a look at the gameplay in Star Wars Destiny, the collectible card and dice game from Fantasy Flight Games where you battle with teams of your favorite characters.

Setting up a game of Star Wars Destiny

Both players start with their team in front of them, a character on each side and their dice next to them.  The deck stays off to the side, and then each player draws 5 cards.  You can redraw (mulligan) any cards that you don’t want right away.

After drawing, and redrawing, the game sets the stage by determining the location. Each players rolls all of their dice, with the player rolling the highest score getting to choose the battlefield. Once chosen, the battlefield is set for the whole game.

Playing through the first few turns

Getting a bit stuck on the first turn, the dark side doesn’t have many options.  Thankfully, there is a game mechanic that allows you to throw cards away at the end of your turn to redraw up to 5 cards in your hand.

The turns then turn to taking actions, one player at a time.  The actions that you can take are:

  • Play a card from your hand
  • Activate a character or support
  • Resolve your dice
  • Discard a card to reroll your dice
  • Use a card action
  • Claim the battlefield

Dice, Resources, and Playing Cards

The round of play sees each player receiving two resources.  Cards all cost a certain amount of resources to play, though some of them have a resource cost of zero. Resources do carry over from one turn to the next, so you can save them if you don’t have something to play this turn.

Some of the cards, allow you to bring more dice into the game, which gives you a big advantage.

You don’t have to wait for the next round to get more resources. Some cards can give you resources, and you can also get resources by rolling dice.

Once per round, the characters can be used to roll all of the dice from themselves and their upgrades.

The dice, after being rolled. don’t automatically get added to your resources. Instead, they stay out until they are “resolved”.  The act of resolving the dice take any one “type” of dice result (resource, damage, etc.), regardless of how many dice are out there. This can add an extra element of strategy, as you can reduce the number of actions needed to gather the resources if you let them pile up a bit, but leaving them unresolved also leaves them vulnerable to being affected by your opponent through disruption.

Resources are great, but it’s all about the damage

As the game progresses, you can see that the resources are great for building up your attacks, but they aren’t the main point of the game. You’ll need to focus your attention on doing damage.

Melee damage, character specials and bonuses are all results from the dice that can wear down your enemies.