Funko Pop Vinyls – The X-Files Complete Collection

The X-Files Season 10 brought back a lot of interest in the classic supernatural show, and though these Funko Pop! Vinyls were already available they’re even more popular now!

So add some alien science fiction to your Funko Pop! Vinyl collection with these X-Files characters. Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, plus their nemesis The Cigarette Smoking Man. Of course, the X-Files just wouldn’t be the same without an alien!

Fox Mulder, with his badge and gun on the ready looks like he’s ready to break open the alien conspiracy!

There are some prominent and popular characters which you might expect to be included in this set – but they’re not. So we will have to hope that X-Files is picked up for a season 11 and that Funko will release a Series 2 so that we can get an Assistant Director Skinner and the hacker group The Lone Gunmen.