Full List of all Ships in Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures (All Expansions)

Just Released For Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars: X-Wing: C-Roc Cruiser Expansion Pack Game

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  • An epic Scum and Villainy expansion pack for the popular X-Wing miniatures game
  • Contains one huge-base C-ROC cruiser miniature and one M3-A "Scyk" Interceptor miniature with an alternate paint scheme
  • Designed for X-Wing epic play and Cinematic play
  • Features a unique maneuver tool and rules for "energy" to translate its massive presence
  • Enhances your Standard Play games with its "Scyk" miniature, ship cards, and upgrades

Coming Soon to Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Wave 11 Ships for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures includes one new fighter for each faction: Rebels, Empire, and Scum

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Getting Started with Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

The first thing you need is a core set. It contains 3 ships: one X-Wing and two TIE fighters. There are two varieties for the core set. The classic, in red, is set in Star Wars episode 4: A New Hope, while the Force Awakens core set is in blue.

Wave 1 Expands the Core Set and Reveals Darth Vader’s Ship

Jumping into Wave 1, you get the options to add extra X-Wings and TIE fighters. But the most prominent ship that remains is the TIE Advanced, that includes the Darth Vader pilot card.

Wave 2 has Han Solo and Boba Fett joining the fight

Wave 2 includes the Millennium Falcon and Slave I. So Han Solo and Boba Fett are ready to jump into battle! The A-Wing adds some flexibility and the TIE interceptor is a fast and nimble fighter.

Wave 4 for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Wave 4 adds two new varieties of TIE fighters, the DEFENDER and the PHANTOM.  I just love the look of the TIE Phantom.  Take a closer look and you’ll see why.

Wave 6 – Enter Scum and Villainy Faction

Wave 6 brings a third faction into the game, and this wave gives some great ships that helps Scum and Villainy to start catching up.

Wave 9 for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Wave 9 brings in a new fighter for each faction, plus a new large ship for Scum & Villainy.  Look for the Special Forces TIE fighter, especially, as the turret allows for multiple attacks per round. The large ship for Scum, includes three pilots: Asajj Ventress from Clone Wars, Ketsu Onyo, and Sabine Wren.

Wave 10 – Another Large Release

Wave 10 adds 5 expansions into the X-Wing game, and this release includes a large ship expansion for both the Rebels and the Empire. Highlights in this wave are the Upsilon-class Shuttle and Sabine’s TIE fighter. Sabine’s TIE fighter is the first TIE fighter to come in on the side of the Rebels, so it’s definitely a fun piece to include!

Epic Ships for Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures

Though the feel of X-Wing Miniatures tends to lean towards lighter, faster ships. It just wouldn’t be the whole universe without taking large ships into account. These ships are even larger than large – they are epic! They add new rules to the game to allow them to be included. These ships are more expensive, but the detail and quality of the ships is just right and you’ll love having them in your collection!