Full List of All Expansions for Android Netrunner

Android Netrunner

Core Set and Deluxe Expansions for Android Netrunner The Core Set is required to play. Each of the deluxe expansions expands the game with new rules and objectives.

Genesis Cycle Pack for Android Netrunner The first data pack cycle for Android Netrunner, Genesis builds upon the strength’s of the game’s Core Set.

5) Humanity's Shadow

Humanity's Shadow data pack for Android Netrunner

Android-Netrunner---Label---Lunar-CycleLunar, the third data pack cycle for Android Netrunner, expands the universe with the corporations expanding operations onto the moon and the runners getting new tools and techniques to bring them back to Earth.

The fourth data pack cycle, SanSan, again explores an expansive locale set within the Android universe. SanSan is a megacity, which sprawls across the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego.

Android Netrunner Draft Kits

Draft pack / sealed deck tournaments details coming soon.

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