Grimm Season 2 Returns March 8

Nick (the Grimm) ready to deliver a smackdown.

Nick (the Grimm) ready to deliver a smackdown.

One week to go before Grimm Season 2 returns and is back to being one half of my regular Friday night “Gym and Grimm” schedule.

Grimm is one of the best shows on TV right now; it’s got great Science Fiction, good monsters, and the story is getting very intense.

If you haven’t seen the show or know what it’s about, it follows Nick, who is a Grimm.  Grimm’s are descendants of the Brothers Grimm, whose family has been following and exterminating “Wessen” – the creatures of stories:  Big bad wolves, little pigs, many other creatures both malicious and benign.  These creatures walk among humans, but the Grimms can see the creatures for what they are.  Sometimes.  Also sometimes, the creatures can see Nick for what he is:  a walking executioner of their kind.

Since Nick is pretty much the only one in the show that can see these creatures, he keeps the information to himself.  Except that:

  • Nick is also a cop and lots of his cases involve wessen now.
  • Nick’s partner on the police force is starting to see Wessen now, too.
  • Nick’s boss is aware that Nick is a Grimm, and is an old world prince of royal descent that is manipulating Nick.
  • Nick’s fiance is under a spell and can’t remember Nick being in her life at all.
  • Nick’s fiance is under that same spell which connects her to Nick’s boss – and Nick’s boss to her.  They are crazy in love.

Grimm is coming back.  When we last saw Nick it was just found out that Juliet (the fiance) and the police Captain are having an affair.

I have a feeling that Nick is not going to take this news well.

I’m looking forward to watching him take it out on everybody.

You go, Grimm!

Grimm is on NBC on Fridays.

.DOC-fight! Google and Microsoft both go after new Top Level Domain

ICAAN recently began taking applications for new Top Level Domains.  The new “vanity” domains were established so that a company could own their own internet properties.  .TOYOTA, .MICROSOFT, and .JCP could belong to individual companies, and they can have free reign over the domains.

June 13, 2012 – ICAAN released the list of applicants for the new TLDs.  They include some entries that nobody is surprised about.

  • GM applied for “.Chevrolet” and “.Chevy”
  • Cisco applied for “.Cisco”

Then there are the surprising entries. Or, if not surprising, at least interesting.  These include:

  • “.Cloud” – With 7 applicants fighting over the TLD, this one surely is interesting.  Big names trying to get this TLD include Amazon, Symantec, and Google.  Big names that are missing from this list:  Apple and Microsoft
  • “.Coffee” – Only 1 applicant for the .coffee TLD.
  • “Schindler’s List” – With well over 100 applications, Daniel Schindler is trying to get practically every TLD for either himself or for his clients.  His applications include “.food”, “.computers”, and ‘.football”.  He’s either a bright go-getter or a squatter douche.  Probably a go-getter.  I hope that the ICANN enforces relevance on these domains, so that this guy actually has to already have a business that should have the TLD for football or basketball.  Does he have a good enough reason to have “football” other than “I want to sell it for $5 million.”   Blatant attempts to resell should be rejected by ICANN.

What TLDs did Microsoft Apply For?

Microsoft put in for 11 TLDs.  It seems like they took the strategy of taking their own corporate name, plus products and services.  They have stayed out of the “thoughts and concepts” types of namespaces.

  • BING
  • DOCS
  • LIVE
  • XBOX

Surprisingly missing were concepts like “cloud” and generic terms like “software”, “pc” and “tablet.”  Also missing was an application relating to Windows Phone, TechNet, and MSDN.

What TLDs did Google Apply For?

Google went absolutely crazy.  They have well over 100 applications put in.  Here’s the list of all of the applications that Google put in for custom Top Level Domains:

YOUTUBE ZIP みんな グーグル

I can already see some problems with Google having domain names that they intend to either give away or sell.  I’m suspicious that Google would give preferential search result placement to sites hosted by them.  Thus, WorldsBest.Tech could be sold by Google to any registering company, with terms and conditions that require the domain be hosted by Google.  Google would then artificially lift the relevance of the TLD in their search results.  This is just conjecture, but it seems like this is dangerous business for a search company to be participating in.  Antitrust type of dangerous.

What TLDs did Apple Apply For?

Apple.  That’s it.  They played it straight.  I’m really surprised that they didn’t go for “Music” or “Tunes” or even “iPad”.  Still, I gotta give it to them.  I like that style.

What TLDs did Facebook Apply For?

None.  They didn’t apply for any, at least not at first glance.  They may have applied through a holding company, but it seems likely that if they were applying for one, they would have a better chance at getting it if ICANN could recognize it was Facebook that wanted it.

What do you think?  Did Google go too far?  Did Microsoft not go far enough?  Is Facebook smart or stupid for not applying for .fb?

The Nokia Lumia 900 is Awesome

I purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 as a replacement phone, and I couldn’t be happier.  I dropped and broke my previous phone a Samsung Focus.  The Focus was a great phone, but I knew as soon as I got it that I would want to upgrade it when I could.

The Focus was lacking a front facing camera.  I knew when I got it that Cut and Paste functionality would be coming in an update, but no software update could put a camera on the face of the phone.

The Lumia has everything I want from a phone.  It’s blazing fast, got 4G, and the OS is really smooth.  The OS is the most intuitive to use.  Mrs. Serious has decided that the lack of some apps is going to put her onto an iPhone with her next phone purchase.  She tried one and in 5 seconds said “Where’s the back button?”

5 things I love about the Nokia Lumia 900

  • Blue. The color of the phone is striking, and really awesome looking.  I put a blue case on it, too.  It looks amazing.
  • Fast.  The apps are fast, the 4G is fast.  It’s responsive to the touch.
  • Phone quality.  The phone quality is very great.  I spend part of some days in a place where despite the bars on the phone, the buildings interfere with getting good quality.  The Nokia Lumia 900 has a much improved phone call quality over the Samsung Focus.
  • 8 MP camera.  I love the camera on the Nokia Lumia 900.  It’s got an 8MP camera with a Karl Zeiss lens.  The pictures are clear and have great colors.
  • Front facing camera. I’ve been ready for video chatting since I got my last phone.  It’s my favorite feature of this phone.  It came with Tango for video chatting, and I put Skype on it, too.  I’m now able to see faces and talk to my family and friends when I can’t be there in person.

If you’re in the market for a new phone, you will probably be just as happy as I am with a new Nokia Lumia 900.

Sony VAIO Ultrabook Revealed: Welcome The T-Series

Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook

Sony VAIO T Series Ultrabook

Sony today is releasing a new VAIO T-Series Ultrabook.  This new Sony VAIO Ultrabook is the first to carry the Sony VAIO name.  It was announced this morning at the Sony Wonder Technology Lab in New York City, along with an overall updated redesign of the laptop brand.

The Sony VAIO T-Series Ultrabook sports a thin and light magnesium and aluminum chassis.

“We built the T Series Ultrabook from many of the same features as our amazingly thin and powerful ultra-premium VAIO Z Series, which has long exceeded Ultrabook specifications.  Our entire new VAIO portfolio incorporates the best technology from our innovative digital imaging, sound and TV divisions and unique features across all the models such as backlit keyboard and Sony’s Rapid Wake technology.  The new VAIO family continues Sony’s efforts to offer advanced performance and design that fit all business and personal lifestyles.”

-Mike Abary, Senior VP, Networked Technology and Services Division,  Sony Electronics

Sony claims their new VAIO T-Series is the “Ultimate Travel Companion”

They tried to give their product intense performance and extreme mobility in an ultra-smooth full-flat brushed aluminum and magnesium chassis.   Ultrabooks are great – small yet powerful, and they really are the best computer to bring with you for a commute or for travelling.

The Sony T-Series Ultrabook has a 13.3-inch display, and use the latest generation Ultra Low Voltage Intel® Core™ processors. The Ultrabook comes with an optional Solid State Drive or Hybrid drive, providing the best of both worlds, using new Intel® Smart Response Technology.  I highly recommend Solid State drives, but a Hybrid Drive is a good choice if you need a lot of space.

“With all the built-in ports and connectivity that other Ultrabook laptops may lack, the VAIO T Series is made for business with two USB ports including a charging function for mobile devices, HDMI® out, VGA, Ethernet, Memory Stick® and SD Card Reader for easy connection to monitors, projectors without the need for a dongle.”

Still, it seems like all of the features can be overwhelming.  After a while, it just becomes a list of numbers.  In the end, what’s going to sell this machine is the look, style, performance and battery life.  Does it have enough RAM to do the job, and a fast enough hard drive to not seem sluggish?  If so, then it qualifies.  Does it include an ethernet port and HDMI out?  Then it’s ready to go.  Does it look bad to the bone?  Then I’m buying it.

They do have some creature comforts with the new line of VAIO’s.  HD Webcams, sound editing programs, and upgraded sound systems are all improved across the entire Sony VAIO lineup.  Backlit keyboards are supposed to make typing easier in dim light, but I think it’s mostly for the cool factor.  The USB ports can power up a phone even if the laptop is  powered off and unplugged, turning your laptop into your own portable charging station.

Also included in all the new models is the VAIO Gesture Control function allowing users to control many applications and programs such as PowerPoint® and Windows® Media Player by making hand gestures in front of the Web camera to skip songs, turn pages, or control the volume.

Finally, you don’t have to wait until Windows 8 comes out to buy this.  If you’ve been thinking that you should wait until Windows 8 is released to purchase a new computer then you will be happy to know that this computer is eligible for a Windows 8 discount upgrade.

T Series Ultrabook T Series 13-inch will start at approximately $799.99 in Silver Mist.

Source: PR Newswire (http://s.tt/1dj4t)

Fun Friday Geek Stuff – June 1, 2012

Happy Friday everyone! As you start off your workday, if you’re like most of us you’re in a good mood. The weekend is almost here, it’s summertime, and the sun is shining.
So here are some fun items that I found and want to share with you. Today’s Fun Friday Geek Stuff is featuring a shirt from SnorgTees.

Nothing says “I’m a geek” like a well crafted obscure Star Wars reference.

If you want everyone to know you’re a Star Wars geek, you wear a shirt with Darth Vader on it that says “Luke, I’m your father…”

But if you want Star Wars geeks to know you’re one of them, you gotta do a little better than that.   How about this one?

SnorgTees - Alderaan Forecast

Make sure you finish up anything you want to get accomplished early in the week

Here’s a clip of poor Alderaan.

Ah, revisionist history! Oh well, back to the drawing board for ol’ Grand Moff Tarkin. Maybe he’ll get it right next time – THEN it will be the most destructive force in the galaxy.

Happy Friday everyone, and see you on Monday!