How to Create an Outlook Task from OneNote

OneNote is an amazing program.  If you haven’t yet used it, you should really give it a try.. I use it all the time to keep track of daily to-do’s, important reminders, and things that aren’t necessarily important but that I’ll want to come back to later.  OneNote is a digital notebook.

OneNote is also part of the Microsoft Office Suite, and comes with all 3 of the different Office 2010 suites:  Home and Student, Home and Business, and Professional.  So if you’re an Office user, you probably already have OneNote on your computer.

OneNote has a lot of features, and one of the really nice ones is it’s ability to interact with Outlook.

If you are taking notes in a meeting, it’s very easy to turn one of your OneNote notes into an Outlook task.

How to Create an Outlook Task from OneNote

First, if you do not yet have one, you should create a notebook in OneNote.  

Then, just take a note on one of the pages in OneNote.  When you want to create a task in Outlook for you to follow up on:

  • Right-click the note that you want to make a task in Outlook
  • On the font menu that pops up, click the red flag icon
  • Select the task icon that best represents when you want to complete the task

Once the flag appears next to your note, it is a task in Outlook.  You can verify it is there by opening Outlook and checking your tasks.

How to Remove the an Outlook Task Created by OneNote

When you’ve completed your task or otherwise have decided to clear it, you can do so either from within Outlook or OneNote.

Unfortunately, if you remove the task from within Outlook, the flag does not get removed from the OneNote note automatically.

But if you clear the flag from OneNote, then it does get removed from Outlook, too.  So when you can remove the check from OneNote so you don’t have to clear the flag in both programs.

This will be a bit of a shift for many users that have Outlook manage their tasks.  Outlook will still be your main location for storing your tasks, especially for those that use flags as email follow-up reminders.  But you will really enjoy using OneNote for keeping track of tasks that are part of your notes from a meeting or a brainstorming session.