Game of Thrones Costume, Helmet and Collectible Options for Cosplay

Game of Thrones Hound Helm

Game of Thrones has a way of turning normal fans into crazed, maniacal fans. Game of Thrones costume wear makes great collectibles. Most of the official costume options available from HBO Store are designed for decoration, but who can resist putting on The Hound’s helmet and going out for some chicken!

Start at the top - Game of Thrones helmets, crowns and necklaces

Game of Thrones The Hound's Helm

The Hound’s Helm

No one will dare challenge you while you’re wearing a helm that looks exactly like the one the Hound wore. This wearable fiberglass helmet has operable jaws and a silkscreened wooden stand with the Clegane sigil. The 15-pound helmet is an officially licensed item, only available in a limited 2,500-piece edition, and it comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Game of Thrones Unsullied Helm

Unsullied Helm

Recreated from the authentic prop armor featured on the show, own the stunning officially HBO licensed Game of Thrones collectible Unsullied Helmet. Made in limited quantity of 2500 pieces, the Unsullied Helmet includes a certificate of authenticity and display stand. Crafted of leather and steel with adjustable visor, this piece is made with special attention taken to reproduce authentic detail.

Game of Thrones Loras Tyrell Helm
Loras Tyrell Helm

Wearable fiberglass with operable visor (visor tension can be adjusted if necessary by using an allen wrench on the interior) Overall Weight: 11 pounds Stand: Silkscreened wood with Tyrell sigil.

This adult collectible is officially licensed from HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones and is an edition strictly limited to 1000 pieces.

Game of Thrones The Royal Crown of Houses Baratheon and Lannister

The Royal Crown of Houses Baratheon and Lannister

Each replica is forged in solid metal and then finished in a lustrous gold effect metal and has inset reproduction gemstones. To display the crown an iron sword motif display stand was specially designed.

Each crown includes an individually numbered plaque medallion cast in metal and is presented in a full color box with a certificate of authenticity. The worldwide production run is limited to 1,500 pieces. Limited units available.

Game of Thrones Flight Neck Sculpture Necklace

Game of Thrones Flight Neck Sculpture Necklace

A smaller version of the Flight Neck Sculpture seen on Khaleesi, Mother Of Dragons, in Season 6 episode 9. This romantic neck sculpture is formed of hand carved fragmented wings. Sterling Silver with spring hinge opening at the back.

The model pictured is a UK 8 10. This neck sculpture is designed to fit varying neck sizes however please note the internal diameter is 12cm Weighing 100grams this showpiece is for special occasions.

Game of Thrones Daenerys Drogon Choker

Game of Thrones Daenerys Drogon Choker

Khaleesi’s iconic dragon choker as seen in Game Of Thrones Season 5 episodes 10 and Season 6 episodes 1,2 & 3! This showpiece Choker is part of the first piece created by MEY. Khaleesi is captured by the Dothraki and has symbolically lost the wings on her Neck Sculpture. Intricately hand carved the dragons mouth opens and closes. Sterling Silver with spring hinge opening at the back One size fits all. This neck sculpture is designed to fit varying neck sizes however please note the internal diameter is 11cm. This collectors showpiece weighs 155grams.

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Game of Thrones Eddard Stark Costumes

Game Of Thrones Eddard Stark Gambeson

Eddard Stark Gambeson

A simple yet practical design worn by Eddard Stark, this officially licensed gambeson is truly worthy of the Hand of the King. Worn from the frigid north of Westeros to the sunny south, and everywhere in between, this gambeson is a good blend of comfort, protection, and style.

Game Of Thrones Eddard Stark Peascod

Eddard Stark Peascod

A solid peascod is essential to complete the look of the heroic knight outside of battle. This officially licensed Eddard Stark Peascod is worn by Eddard Stark, the Hand of the King, in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones. Made with functionality, comfort, and style in mind, if this peascod is good enough for the Hand, it is good enough for nearly any knight in Westeros.

Hand of the King pin not included.

Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin

Hand of the King Pin

The Hand of the King Pin symbolizes the most powerful appointed position in the Seven Kingdoms. The Hand is the King’s closest adviser, appointed and authorized to take decisions in the King’s name. This Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin is crafted from a heavy metal in an aged gold color for an authentic look. As the saying states, “What the King dreams, the Hand builds.”

Game of Thrones Jon Snow Costumes

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Gambeson

Jon Snow Gambeson

The Men of the Nights Watch were first and foremost warriors, protecting the lands of Westeros from the dangers north of the Wall. In order to survive in combat, a strong gambeson was needed to help pad and protect the body from a variety of blows. This officially licensed Jon Snow gambeson is designed with the warrior in mind and made from a cotton blended fabric, which is dyed black to match the iconic look of the Nights Watch from the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones. Care instructions: Dry cleaning only.

Game Of Thrones Jon Snow Peascod

Jon Snow Peascod

This officially licensed peascod, worn by Jon Snow in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones, is a compromise of protection and practical winter wear. Providing good protection in combat, the faux leather will also keep from giving the wearer frostbite in the bitter cold of north Westeros. Originally designed for the Men of the Nights Watch, this peascod is now available to any warrior who will stand against the night. Care instructions: Dry cleaning only. Royal Belt not included.

Game of Thrones Ghost Direwolf Plush

Ghost Direwolf Pup Plush

As a Direwolf cub, Ghost bonded to Jon Snow. Adopt the Ghost plush and recreate the bonding experience. He measures about nine inches in height the perfect size to snuggle or display among your Game of Thrones collection of plush toys. Ghost represents your loyalty to House Stark.

Scream Queens – What Fresh Hell is This?

Scream Queens

“But you said you loved me…”

“I did sort of love you. I’d just love you a lot more if other people loved you too.”

Everything about the new Fox comedy horror repelled me. The promos featuring college girls standing outside their sorority house blowing bubble gum with a demon face in it. I figured, that no matter how “scary” they tried to make it, there was no way they could pull it off.

They pulled it off. Watching Scream Queens is like a twisted abomination between Clueless and Halloween. While you’re sure from the very beginning of how evil some of the characters are, you cannot be sure how widespread the evil is.

A twist on the slasher genre, in Scream Queens the sorority house isn’t stalked by a psychopath. At least, the sorority house isn’t stalked only by a psychopath. There are plenty of psychopaths already in the sorority. Whether they are actually doing the murders or not (they are), the actual horror is not just displayed in the gruesome deaths but in the obliviousness which these girls are going through life.

Stepping on people, treating people like trash and humiliating them is just a typical day for Chanel Oberlin, played by Emma Roberts, the current president of Kappa Kappa Tao. Her rise to the leadership of the local chapter was surrounded by suspicion, as the previous president was killed by an unfortunate spray tanning incident. Yes, a spray tanning incident.

The tongue-in-cheek writing of Scream Queens is bright and the characters are surprisingly interesting. Though vapid in their brains, they are presented in such a mocking way, with descriptions for the new sorority pledges such as “Predatory Lez”, and “Deaf Taylor Swift”.

Nasim Pedrad deserves a special mention for her portrayal of the sorority house lawyer, redeeming herself for the machinelike girlfriend-roommate character she played in the ill-fated “Mulaney”. Watching her in Mulaney was like watching a bad impression of Elaine from Seinfeld, unfunny and failing in every way. As lawyer Gigi Caldwell, she is barely capable as an attorney but perfectly capable of cracking you up.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Logo

A Game of Thrones is set in Westeros, a low-magic fantasy kingdom where the only game worth playing is the one which seats you in the Iron Throne as the ruler of the seven kingdoms.

Known, more than anything, for the killings of its characters, nobody is safe in Game of Thrones. Politics, intrigue, sex and twisted family relationships surround the rise and fall of the different political families: the Targaryen, Lannisters, Baratheons and Starks are just the beginning of the complex plots that make this show a fan favorite.

Based on the Song of Fire and Ice novels by George R. R. Martin, A Game of Thrones runs in the late spring through early summer on HBO.  There are 5 seasons, with each season containing 10 1-hour episodes. Subscribe to HBO through your cable company or through the HBO Now app to get access to all 5 seasons on demand.

Notable Characters in the Series:

  • Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister
  • Lena Headey as Cersei Lennister
  • Natalie Dormer as Margery Tyrell
  • Emelia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen
  • Kit Harington as Jon Snow

Famous Phrases and Events:

  • “Winter is Coming” – the family motto of the Starks.
  • The Red Wedding – a wedding between families which turned out to be a trap which slaughtered most of the Stark family.
  • The Purple Wedding – the wedding of Joffrey Baratheon, where he was poisoned and turned purple from choking.
  • “You know nothing, Jon Snow” – famously quoted by Ygritte, Jon Snow’s wildling lover. Turned into an internet meme.


NBC Renews Grimm for Season 5

Grimm - Season 4Grimm fans have no worries about their future of their show. NBC just picked up the Friday night supernatural drama for a 5th season.

Grimm is the story of Nick Burkhardt, a Portland detective that is descended from The Brothers Grimm and whose ancestry has the ability to see creatures lurking within our world as their true selves.

Though most “Grimm’s” are taught to dispatch all of these creatures on sight, Nick has found friends and allies within the world of the Wesens (the creatures).

The fourth season of Grimm has had it’s ups and downs, with superb character development balancing out some of the worst and hokiest plotlines. Hopefully season 5 sees further development of what is working and we can finally start cleaning up the list of loose ends that the story seems to have forgotten about.

The X-Files

Follow the unfolding of a mysterious and eyeball-deep conspiracy involving the world governments and the alien cover-up that has been going on since the Roswell incident.

Agent Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) of the FBI was a rising star before his curiosity for the unsolved and mysterious cases that the FBI called “the X-Files” took his career in a new direction.  Once he started solving the cases, agents from the shadow government assigned Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) to be Mulder’s partner, both in order to assist him and to report on him.

Conspiracies, monsters, and mystery filled every dark episode, and the show continued for 9 seasons striking a balance between “Monster of the Week” episodes and “Mythos” episodes.

Gotham “Pilot” Episode Review

Gotham (Fox) Publicity Photo

What could be better than to start your show with millions of people that love your characters, franchise and setting?  Answer: Not screwing it up. So how did Fox do with the pilot episode of Gotham?

What I liked about Gotham

GOTHAM: L-R: John Doman as Carmine Falcone, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot and Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma star as the villains of GOTHAM.
GOTHAM: L-R: John Doman as Carmine Falcone, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle, Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot and Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma star as the villains of GOTHAM.

The city itself looks good. There are shots of the cityscape at night that look like they’re out of a comic book without looking like they’re cartoonish. The buildings and the city lights to me say “Gotham”. I think the artistic direction for the series is right on.

The cast is terrific. I couldn’t think of a better casting choice for The Penguin, though Robin Lord Taylor is much taller than other versions of The Penguin his face and acting bring the character to life in the best way possible.

What I didn’t like about Gotham

The story was at times unbelievable. As an example, the Wayne’s leave a theater and are murdered by a mugger. This is Batman fact. But why in this version does the wealthiest couple in Gotham choose to “go find a taxi” by walking down and through a dark alley? It doesn’t make any sense for the characters, and that’s not the only time that the writers have characters doing something that is just flimsy.

When Detective Gordon (played by Ben McKenzie) is on his first day at the precinct, a criminal takes a hostage while demanding “his pills”. With a gun drawn on his hostage, the criminal behaves wildly insane. For the story, and the setting – this seems reasonable as a bad guy. The cops in the precinct respond reasonably, too – by drawing their weapons and pointing about 20 guns at the thug. But just in the nick of time, Det. Gordon shouts a “Hold your fire!” and amazingly, in this intense situation, all of the veteran officers start to take orders from the new guy on his first day.

Unfortunately, when the writers weren’t trying to show me through action just how starkly different Jim Gordon is than the rest of the force, they were overtly telling through ridiculous dialog. Barely a minute in the pilot goes by without somebody reminding Jim that “He’s in Gotham now” and “This is perilous stuff.”

Character introduction overload

The other problem that I had with the believability in the story is how tightly interconnected the main characters are in the series, and how many pre-villainous cameos were forced into the story.

We can’t just have a young girl answer the door. It has to be a shy girl named “Ivy”.  Then, because we apparently missed it when they said it, we’re going to have her mom call her by her name again while it shows the young Poison Ivy standing over by the window surrounded by her plants.

They jam-packed so many pre-villains into the pilot that it just didn’t make sense to have them all in the story. What The Riddler was doing as a forensic expert was a bigger riddle than any of the questions he asked to make it overly obvious that this is, indeed The Riddler. It didn’t come off as smart or something interesting. It came off as forced.

Redemption in the closing moments

As the Gotham pilot wore on, it seemed as though they finally ran out of their laundry list of tasks to complete. They got to show us just how gritty the city is, how totally corrupt the police force is, and they introduced us to a coterie of previllains.

Fortunately, and finally, in the closing scene of the pilot we finally get some drama that doesn’t seem out of place, and Det. Gordon has to face a tougher moral choice. Though it doesn’t make up for the shortcomings of the entire episode, the “corruption of Jim Gordon” scene at the docks actually gives some hope for a brighter future not only for Gotham, the city, but for Gotham, the show.

Then, it’s over.

In all, it’s a highly anticipated show. Unfortunately, Gotham missed the mark on the basis of how much explaining the characters needed and how to introduce characters succinctly. It would have been better had the story developed without us being force fed characters that were out of place.

Clearly, there were some things to like and some things to not like. While judgement for the pilot episode is not great, the show itself may turn out to be much better than the pilot episode.



Grimm Returns for Fourth Season

Trubel from NBC's Grimm

Trubel from NBC's Grimm NBC has renewed their Friday night supernatural thriller Grimm.

The fourth season begins with the fallout of a strange turn of events – Nick Burkhardt, the Grimm from the first 3 seasons, has lost his ability to sense Wesen.

Now his only way of knowing is through Trubel, the young girl who turned up at the end of season 3 and who, like Nick, is also a Grimm.

Other major developments from the third season expected to be further delved into in Grimm Season 4 is the marriage of Monroe and Rosalee Calvert. Will we finally learn Monroe’s last name?

Sgt. Wu is going to have to be told that the Wesen he came into contact with are not a figment of his imagination. That is highly anticipated because Sgt. Wu is a fan favorite and it’s going to be really exciting to have him be a full fledged member of Team Grimm.

Juliette really developed in her character, and it turns out that she’s got not only some skills with patching up the animals (through her profession as a veterinarian) but also started showing in season 3 that she is a skilled fighter as well. Though in the season 3 finale it was revealed that Nick inadvertently slept with bad girl Adalind Schade while Adalind was under a spell to look like Juliette. Is Juliette going to stay with Nick or is the pressure of the supernatural forces finally going to tear them apart?

Finally, there are several loose ends that seem to go nowhere. Will the “keys” plotline ever be brought to a conclusion? Will we finally get a clear picture of who the royals are and what there machinations are for Nick?

If you’ve got these same questions, here’s some good news for you:

Grimm returns on Friday, October 24th.