Book Subscription Site Scribd Adds Giant Comics Collection

Scribd subscription service adds comics

Subscription reading service Scribd has just added 10,000 comics from top comic companies to their $8.99 monthly subscription plan.

Scribd readers can now binge on titles from Marvel, Valiant, IDW and many other publishing groups.  DC comics aren’t yet listed.

Scribd offers a one month trial if you’re interested in a buffet-style digital comic book collection (uh… I shouldn’t have to say “if”).  If you’re already a happy subscriber of Scribd, which includes all-you-can-read digital books as well as all-you-can-listen-to audiobooks for $8.99 a month, you just got happier.

Pure Marvel fans will note that this collection on Scribd totals 10,000 comics from all publishing houses. If Marvel comics is your weakness, you can get over 15,000 digital comics for $9.99 a month with the Marvel Unlimited service and app. DC comics doesn’t have a similar offering (yet).

For those of you who would rather not spend your money on things that you can get for free, you should know that for $0.00 a month you can check out thousands of books, audiobooks, comics and graphic novels from your local library.