Arkham Horror The Card Game

Arkham Horror The Card Game Core Set

Arkham Horror The Card Game

Arkham Horror: The Card Game, more than any card game before it, is a blend of the traditional customizable card game and roleplaying experiences. You become one of the game’s investigators and customize your deck of cards to reflect your personal strengths and resources. However, as the investigators of Arkham LCG all have their own distinct personalities, each comes with his or her own deckbuilding requirements.

Explore H.P. Lovecraft’s World in Arkham Horror The Card Game

You and your friends become characters within the quaint New England town of Arkham, where a rash of strange mysteries have begun to develop. You play as an investigator, and the investigator you choose determines in some ways what cards are in your deck. Choosing the detective, you’ll also have the .38 caliber handgun and a few other cards that are mandatory and make up the persona. After those few mandatory cards, you’ll round out your deck with cards that work together with your character’s skills.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is a Living Card Game (LCG), so more cards will be released on a regular monthly release cycle. The expansion packs of a LCG are released in sets of 6 expansion packs that tell an overarching theme or story. Each of these sets, called a Mythos Cycle, will add characters, abilities and mysteries, while larger “Deluxe Expansions” bring

While the Core Set comes with enough cards to promote a wide variety of different decks, and its adventures will reward you with hours upon hours of fascinating and horrifying mysteries, it also sets you apart from the vast majority of humanity—all those people who blissfully and ignorantly go about their lives unaware of the other worlds that border upon ours, the Ancient Ones that inhabit those alien realms, and the foul rituals conducted on earth by those mortals who worship them.